Jerry laying down tracks in the studio.
Jerry Tardif plays guitar, bass, organ, piano, and synthesizer. Musical styles include the blues, Latin blues, rock, flamenco, jazz, country, bluegrass, and related fusions. Jerry started playing the guitar at age nine. He picked up bass and various keyboards over the ensuing ten years and gigged professionally in the Northeast U.S. in his teens and twenties. His tastes are somewhat diverse and he has an appreciation for all styles of musicianship including styles that he doesn't play, such as classical.

As for composing, Jerry is drawn to the groove and says: "A great groove is what gets me going and was the genesis, almost a primal need that got me playing in the first place. It's the feeling of the music that I like the most and I generally just close my eyes and let my fingers go." Jerry's guitar style is a blend of his influences, but has sometimes been compared to a cross between Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn because his compositions and recordings have vestiges of their styles. Yet, with strings, woodwinds, tuned and Latin percussions, as well as ethnic and other instruments incorporated into unusual meldings, Jerry's style is different, yet familiar. Currently, Jerry's music is composed, played, and produced by him in the studio. However, Jerry continues to play with other musicians and the music of such associations is also forthcoming.

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